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Born in Liège region (Belgium) Christine Polis sculptor, puppeteer, began her artistic career by studying children's illustration and film animation at La Cambre (Brussels).

It is with the stop-motion animation, especially in the puppets making, props and sets building that she really found her way. She works for european productions in all areas of the stop motion animation, from the sets construction to the animation itself, and puppets making. It is the latter which will become her favourite. . Marry the subtle technical side that is needed for stop motion puppets with esthetics and the emotional aspect that character must have is one of the first rule in stop motion puppet making.

In 2008, a landmark meeting with the french artist Virginie Ropars, expands the concept of the character design/puppet, which have to play a cinematographic role for the character / doll containing a story in itself.
This fresh views offers Christine new possibilities of expression and open up new horizons such as technical textile sculpture, sewing, embroidery, etc ...

Since then, Christine divides her time between animation and art doll. Each character is unique and considered as an image extracted from a séqiuence filmed.
Her work of art doll, feeded by stories, tales and mythology revolves around multi-faceted and not contradictory facets of women, ranging from mild or somber fantasy, to dark humor. She regularly joins her companion Benoit Polvêche (metal sculptor) and together, they create hybrid characters, which combines the strength of the metal and the fragility of the doll.