Professional curriculum vitae & Exhibitions


Work Experience

2022 :

“Sauvages” feature film by Claude Barras: Co-lead puppets armatures department. Panique production. Belgium

ENSAV La Cambre. Stop Motion projects advisor for students

“Les rivières pourpres”serial. Props maker : steel and foam claw prostheses, , Umedia, Belgium


ENSAV La Cambre: Stop Motion projects advisor for animation film students. Brussels, Belgium

“Francesca and the Ghost” teaser for stop-motion feature film by Isabelle Morin and Yann Samuell
Head of puppets. Gilipus Productions, Paris, France

“The Inventor”: stop-motion feature film by Jim Capobianco and Pierre Luc Grosjean
Stop-motion armature maker. Prototypes and advises. Foliascope, Valence, France

2020 :

“Panique au Village” : “Les grandes vacances” (26 min) by Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier
Props maker, additional sets, rigger, set dresser. Panique Production, Belgium / Autour de Minuit, France

“Earwig” Feature Film by Lucile Hadzihalilovic
Steel jewelry for a jaw tailored mask with Benoît Polveche. Design: Marc Caro. Frakas Production, Belguim

2019 :

Animarkt Stop Motion Forum: Masterclass : “puppetmaking in practice” Projects consultations. Lodz Poland

Le Calendrier” feature film by Patrick Ridremont. Frakas Production, Belgium
Realization of a magic wooden advent calendar
Graphic research and construction, with B.Polveche and T.Gillet

La grande rêvasion” (Teaser) by Rémi Durin, Kwassa film/ Enclume animation, Belgium
Puppet maker: a quick and temporary version of the character

“Lollihead” series by Xavier Nellens. Clear sky picture, Belgium
Head of puppets

2018 :

ENSAV La Cambre : Stop Motion projects advisor for animation film students. Brussels, Belgium.

Panique au Village : “La foire agricole” (26 min) by Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier
Props maker, additional sets, rigger, set dresser. Panique Production / Autour de Minuit, Belgium

Films en Bretagne: Internship supervisor for building stop motion puppets armatures. Rennes, France

2017 :

National Theater la Monnaie: “Lohengrin” Wagner by Olivier Py.
Sculptor, human size sculptures.

Reruns”, Short film by Rosto A.D. A Private view production, Autour de Minuit
Puppets coordinator : Under water rods puppets

La bague au doigt”, short film by Gerlando Infuso. Kwassa film.
Cat stop-motion puppet, molding, casting, headmech, punching fur

Sint-Lucas Brussels: Masterclass about building stop-motion puppets

2016 :

Isle of Dogs” Feature film by Wes Anderson, IOD Production, London
Stop motion puppets armatures and Heads Mechanics (2015-2016-2017)

2015 :

Panique au Village : “La rentrée des classes” (26 min) by Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier. Panique Production / Autour de Minuit / Beast Animation, Belgium.
Props maker, additional sets, rigger, set dresser

2014 :

Ma Vie de Courgette” by Claude Barras (2014-2015). Rita Production, Switzerland /Blue Spirit Production, France
Puppet maker: armatures, shaping.
Head of puppets hospital on shooting

ENSAV la Cambre: Stop Motion projects advisor for animation film students. Brussels, Belgium.

National Theater La Monnaie:  “Orphée et Eurydice” by Roméo Castellucci: Set sculptor. Brussels, Belgium

2013 :

National Theater La Monnaie: “Jenufa” by Alvis Hermanis. Fur and patinas on real size horses heads. Brussels, Belgium

Tirlemont commercial special TV, Caviar Productions, Belgium
Sugar rods puppet maker (Sugarman with real sugars) Head designer: Luc Noël for “Factice”

Panique au village : “La Bûche” (26 min), by Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier, Panique production / Autour de Minuit / Beast Animation, Belgium
Prop maker, rigger, set dresser

Les Pecheresses” short film by Gerlando Infuso
Stainless steel armatures for stop-motion puppets, costumes. Eklektic Production, Belgium

ENSAV la Cambre: Workshop: making stop-motion puppets. Brussels, Belgium.

2012 :

“VAR” printing campaign : Plasticine sculptures for commercial. Beastanimation Studio, Belgium

2011 :

National Theater La Monnaie: “Lucerzia Borgia”  Aid sculptor. Brussels, Belgium

National Theater La Monnaie: “La Dispute” Aid sculptor. Brussels, Belgium

Emilie” Short Film by Olivier Pesch, Samsa Film, Luxembourg.
Puppets maintenance and rigging (puppets from PEDRI animation Holland)

Havana film center “ICAIC”: Masterclass and workshop, stop-motion puppets construction. Havana, Cuba

Terra Sola” Short Film by Eve Martin and Nicolas Bueno. La Parti, Belgium
Stop-motion puppet-maker

La minute du Chat” TV Serie by Philippe Geluck, for RTBF and France 2. Enclume Animation, Belgium
Stop-motion puppet-maker

2010 :

“League of Human Rights”: Stop-motion workshop with teenagers. Brussels, Belgium

“Paranix” Commercial  Beastanimation Studio, Belgium.
Set builder, sculpture and casting of giant hairs

2009 :

“Cravendeale”commercial directed by V.Patar and S.Aubier. La Parti, Belgium

“WishWash” : Serie by Kassandra Wellendorf. Zentropa Entertainments, Denmark
Stop-motion animator

2008 :

Panique au Village” Feature film  by V. Patar and S. Aubier. La Parti, Belgium
Props and set builder, set dresser, rigger

2007 :

“The World Can Collapse” short film by Brian Demoskoff. Short Cuts, Belgium
Co-writer/designer and pixilation actor

Unwilling” short film by Anne Leclercq. Frakas productions, Belgium
Puppet-maker and stop-motion animator

Sunday Drive” short film by Jose Miguel Ribeiro. Soil, Belgium / Zeppelin Films, Portugal
Set dresser, puppet-maker and puppet maintenance

2006 :

Max and Co” feature film by Samuel and Frederic Guillaume. Cinemagination, Switzerland / Nexus factory, Belgium
Stop-motion assistant animator

2005 :

Le Gardien du Nid“short film by Olivier Pesch. Samsa Films, Luxembourg
Stop-motion animator

“Danone” commercial. Beast Animation Studio, Belgium

Le Cid” short film by Emanuelle Gorgiard. Vivement Lundi France / Soil Belgium,
Puppet-maker and maintenance

2004 :

Anthropeau” experimental short film by Joel Godfroid. Ambiance ASBL Belgium.
Stop-motion animator of human-sized metallic sculptures by Benoît Polvêche

Animation workshops with children using many techniques (sand, paper, clay). Camera etc. Liege, Belgium

2003 :

“Prince Lozeno” short film by Jean-Michel Kibushi. Studio Malembe Maa asbl Brussels.
Puppet-maker, prop builder, set dressing

Panique au Village” animation series by V. Patar and S. Aubier. La Parti Belgium /Canal +
Sets and props builder

2002 :

“La Femme Papillon” short film by Virginie Bourdin. Les Films du Nord, France / Soil Belgium.
Trainee on set, props builder


Theater Experience

2012 :

Shadow theater with childrens

2002 :

Made several works for theatre companies in Brussels.
Theâtre de la Balsamine, Toon Theatre, Theatre des Martyrs, Theatre Ocean Nord:
mobile castle for string puppets, human-sized tight-rope walker puppets, paper puppets for shadow theater, props…



2006 : Mask-maker for music band “Depotax” (sculpting, molding, casting, painting & dressing)

2002: Light and sculpture installations for inauguration and concerts in the cultural centre “L’AN-VERT” in Liege, Belgium

1993-1996 : Creative workshops for children in Welkenraedt, Belgium



2022: Training in making plaster molds for ceramic with Paolo Iori
Pottery wheel course at Atelier des Tropiques Brussels and with Marianne Leber in Geneva

2021: Glazing Masterclass with Olivia Mortier

2010 : Masterclass body acting with Robert Bennett

2003 : Training in puppet-making with J.Clauss (puppet-maker and actual “Moving puppets” owner in Paris)

2002 : Master in Cinema: La Cambre National School of Visuals Arts, Brussels, Belgium

1997 : Degree Plastic Arts : St.Luc Art School, Liege, Belgium

1993 : Animator Certificate (Animations with children and teenagers): ICC / Jeunesse et Santé, Verviers, Belgium

1989 : “Prix d’Excellence Solfège”: Music Conservatory, Verviers, Belgium




2009 :

“Venus Robotica”: Cabinet des curieux, Paris, France
“Alienor festival Mutant” Maison folie Wazemme, Lille, France

2010 :

Parcourd d’artistes, Ixelles, Belgium
“L’homme volant”:“l’Autre Chemin” Braine le Comte, Belgium
Alain Rouzé gallery, Nantes, France
Parcours d’artistes,  Braine le comte, Belgium
Festival Chimeria Sedan, France
“Artief ” art Fair : Diest, Belgium

2011 :

” Beautiful People” : Cabinet des Curieux, Paris, France
” Artief ” art Fair : Diest, Belgium
“Art of the Doll Show” :  Manege, Moscow, Russia
” Heavy Metal”: Nova Belgica gallery, Saint Trond, Belgium
“Be My Valentine” : Nova Belgica gallery, Saint Trond, Belgium
” L’art est aussi un métier” Braine le Comte, Belgium
“Créatures” BIFFF Brussels Int Fantastic Film Festival, Tour&Taxi, Brussels, Belgium

2012 :

“L’enfant mécanique” : L’Art de Rien gallery, Paris, France
“Femme fatale” show : Nova Belgica gallery, St Trond, Belgium
Dabidaday : Gilze, Hollande
“Flawless Show “: Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany
“Les ombres inconscientes”:  59 Rivoli, Paris, France
“Des contes de Grimm”: L’Art de Rien gallery, Paris, France

2013 :

BIFFF Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival: at BOZART, Brussels, Belgium
Affordable Art Fair: Tour & Taxi, Pieter Pauwel Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 
Dabida Day : Gilze, Holland
Doll Prague Show: PragueCzech Republic
Baku International Doll Biennale: Baku, Azerbaïdjan

2020 :

Parcours d’artistes Maritim. Bruxelles, Belgium
Naïa Museum. Permanent exhibition. Rochefort-en-terre, France


Parcours d’artistes Maritim. Tour & Taxis. Bruxelles, Belgium
Galerie des Arts du Feu. Boutique. Rouen, France