Professional curriculum vitae


Work Experience


Masterclass : “puppetmaking in practice” Projects consultation. Animarkt Stop Motion Forum: Lodz Poland

Le Calendrier” by Patrick Ridremont, Frakas Production, Belgium
Realization of a magic wooden advent calendar
Graphic research and construction, with B.Polveche and T.Gillet

La grande rêvasion” (Teaser) by Rémi Durin, Kwassa film/ Enclume animation, Belgium
Puppet maker: a quick and temporary version of the character

“Lollihead”, Xavier Nellens, Clear sky picture.
Puppet maker : sculptures, molds, cast, fur..


Stop Motion projects advisor for students, ENSAV La Cambre

Panique au Village : “La foire agricole” (26 min) by Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier
Props maker, additional sets, rigger, set dresser, Panique Production / Autour de Minuit, Belgium

Internship supervisor for building stop motion puppets armatures, Films en Bretagne


“Lohengrin” Wagner, Theatre Royal de la Monnaie.
Sculptor, human size sculptures.

Reruns”, Short film by Rosto A.D., Private view production..
Under water rods puppets : molding and casting

La bague au doigt”, short film by Gerlando Infuso. Kwassa film..
Cat stop-motion puppet, molding, casting, headmech, punching fur

Masterclass about building stop-motion puppets, Sint Lucas Brussels


Isle of Dogs” Feature film by Wes Anderson, IOD Production, London
Stop motion puppets armatures and Heads Mechanics (2015-2016-2017)


Panique au Village : “La rentrée des classes” (26 min) by Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier. Panique Production / Autour de Minuit / Beast Animation, Belgium.
Props maker, additional sets, rigger, set dresser


Ma Vie de Courgette” by Claude Barras (2014-2015), Rita Production (Switzerland) and Blue Spirit Production (France)
Stop-motion puppets armatures builder, shaping of puppets, head of puppets hospital

Stop Motion projects advisor for students, National High School of Visual arts “La Cambre” Brussels

“Orphéo and Eurydice” Set sculptor, National Theater“La Monnaie” Brussels, Belgium


“Jenufa” fur and patinas on real size horses heads, with Thierry Springael, National Theater “La Monnaie” Brussels, Belgium

Commercial special TV , Tirlemont, Caviar Production, Belgium
Rods puppet maker (Sugarman with real sugars) Head designer: Luc Noël for “Factice”

Panique au village : “La Bûche” (26 min), by Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier, Panique production / Autour de Minuit / Beast Animation, Belgium
Prop maker, rigger, set dresser

Short film “Les Pecheresses” by Gerlando Infuso
Stainless steel armatures maker for stop-motion puppets Costumes maker, Eklektic Production, Belgium

Workshop of molding and armatures for stop-motion puppets, National High School of Visual arts “La Cambre” Brussels


Colors plasticine sculptures for commercial printing campaign “VAR”, Beastanimation Studio, Belgium


“Lucerzia Borgia” and “La Dispute” Aid sculptor, National Theater“La Monnaie” Brussels, Belgium

Short Film “Emilie” by Olivier Pesch, Samsa Film Luxembourg,
Puppets maintenance and rigging (puppets from PEDRI animation Holland)

Masterclass, stop-motion puppets construction workshop, armatures and molds at “ICAIC” Havana, Cuba.

Short Film “Terra Sola” by Eve Martin and Nicolas Bueno , La Parti Belgium,

TV Serie “La minute du Chat” of Philippe Geluck, for RTBF and France 2, Studio de l’Enclume Belgium,


Stop-motion Workshop with teenagers, “League of Human Rights” Belgium

Commercial “PARANIX”, Beastanimation Studio Belgium.
Set builder, sculpture and casting of giant hairs


Commercial for “Cravendeale” directed by V.Patar and S.Aubier, La Parti, Belgium

Serie “WishWash” by Kassandra Wellendorf, Zentropa Entertainments Denmark,
Stop-motion animator


Feature film “Panique au Village” by V. Patar and S. Aubier, La Parti Belgium.
Props and set builder, set dresser, rigger


Short film “The World Can Collapse” by Brian Demoskoff, Short Cuts Belgium,
Co-writer/designer and pixilation actor

Short film “Unwilling” by Anne Leclercq, Frakas Belgium,
Puppet-maker and stop-motion animator

Short film “Sunday Drive” by Jose Miguel Ribeiro, Soil Belgium, Zeppelin Films Portugal.
Set dresser, puppet-maker and puppet maintenance


Feature film “Max and Co” by Samuel and Frederic Guillaume, Cinemagination Switzerland , and “Nexus factory” Belgium
Stop-motion assistant animator


Short film “Le Gardien du Nid” by Olivier Pesch, Samsa Films Luxembourg,
Stop-motion animator

Commercial “Danone”, Beast Animation Studio Belgium, Puppeteer.

Short film “Le Cid” by Emanuelle Gorgiard, Vivement Lundi France, Soil Belgium,
Puppet-maker and maintenance


Experimental short film “Anthropeau” by Joel Godfroid, Ambiance ASBL Belgium.
Stop-motion animator of human-sized metallic sculptures by Benoît Polvêche

Animation workshops with children using many techniques (sand, paper, clay). Camera enfants admis Liege, Belgium


Short film “Prince Lozeno” by Jean-Michel Kibushi. Studio Malembe Maa asbl Brussels.
Puppet-maker, prop builder, set dressing

Animation series “Panique au Village” by V. Patar and S. Aubier. La Parti Belgium, Canal +.
Sets and props builder


Short film “La Femme Papillon” by Virginie Bourdin. Les Films du Nord France, Soil Belgium.
Trainee on set, props builder


Theater Experience


Shadow theater with childrens


Made several works for theatre companies in Brussels. Theâtre de la Balsamine – latex rocks
Toon Theatre – mobile castle for string puppets
Theatre des Martyrs – human-sized tight-rope walker puppets Theatre Ocean-Nord – paper puppets for shadow theater



2006: Mask-maker for music band “Depotax” (sculpting, molding, casting, painting & dressing)

2002: Light and sculpture installations for inauguration and concerts in the cultural centre “L’AN-VERT” in Liege, Belgium

1993-1996: Creative workshops for children in Welkenraedt, Belgium



2010: Masterclass body acting with Robert Bennett

2003: Training in puppet-making with J.Clauss (puppet-maker for the series “The Grabonautes”, and actual “Moving puppets” owner)

2002: Degree in Animation from La Cambre National School of Arts Visuals in Brussels, Belgium

1997: Degree in Children’s Illustration from St. Luc Art School in Liege, Belgium